25 August 2008

non-muddy mountain biking

Have had a great day. Got to have a lie-in, then went to Sherwood Pines with Jane.

I'm embarrassed to say it but this is the first time since Mountain Mayhem (June) that I've ridden off road. Partly due to Lisa's chain being a solid rusty lump and partly due to MM putting me off mountain biking or 'dragging a mud laden bike around a field'.

We, well Jane, discovered loads of new singletrack and the sun was shining, doesn't get much better. Oh, apart from I forgot my shoes so had to either buy some new shoes or some cheap pedals..... 14 miles and 2 hours later we came home.

Post ride food was a home made courgette quiche, with home grown french beans and potatoes. Yes, we are living the 'Good Life'!

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