23 September 2008

riding bikes doesn't hurt

I don't know why I'm so surprised that walking is still painful! However, I can get up and down the stairs without having to use all fours. Having started my new job yesterday I was willing someone to ask me "did you have a good weekend" or "do you normally walk like that?" But no, so no bragging rights gained at work. I was asked though "oh, so do you do that power walking then?" Ok, so I was putting on my trainers to walk home and was still wearing 'office' clothes, ok so I looked like Seinfeld but POWER WALKING!

The thought of running anywhere at the moment just makes my joints scream (training...mmm) but the idea of riding doesn't quiet fill me with dread. I went out with Chris and Sian from NATS tonight. No rain, some mud, clear sky, great ride.

Sian is doing Dusk 'til Dawn solo in a few weeks time. I have to admit I'm a little jealous. Currently keeping my eye on the Strathpuffer website.


Richard said...

Strathpuffer. If you need a rider give me a shout. I can't face a solo attempt again.

kate said...

mmm...i can feel a plan coming together. i'll mail you when entries go out