14 September 2008

you'll have to do it in your pants

On route to the mini MM Jane realised that she had left her leggings at home. No she wasn't sat in the car in just her pants but I do think she should have been made to do the event in just her bra and knickers PE-stylely.

A quick about turn and we were back at home, leggings collected and managed to gain 3 minuets on returning to the M1. We then came across a road block and Police were diverting cars along the slip road. At this point we realised that we weren't going to make the start.

One of two things could have happened.....but we chose to go to Fairholmes and do a 10 mile loop around Derwent edge instead. Perfect running conditions, clear and cool and just muddy enough to make it fun.

Sometimes things just don't go to plan but sometimes this doesn't matter!

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