16 October 2008

3 counties night ride

What is becoming our regular Tuesday night ride was greeted yet again with dark clouds and threats of rain. However, it only rained for half of the ride! It was Chris' route and it was a long, fast one. How can someone with a fixed wheel ride so fast?! Simon was out on his 'crosser and was even faster. The 30m route took in Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire and my legs felt it!

Fast furious fun...one day I'll be quicker than them!


jumbly said...

That's some good mileage for a night ride! I ride single speed a bit of road and fixed on the road sometimes, can't even contemplate off road fixed! I'd just get mangled. Have you had a go?

trio said...

Sorry you did 30miles as a night ride off-road!!! Wow!!! That must take a while!

kate said...
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kate said...

never ridden fixed for the same reason-road or off! they say that the reason i struggle to keep up with them is the weight of my gears and bounce!
what's your fixie-is it a pompino? i do like the look of those

trio-don't be too impressed. it was pretty flat and not very technical. think it took us a little under 3hr.

trio said...

Still you were averaging over 10mph on a mountain bike, don't think I've ever done that!

I ride singlespeed off-road in the winter, well all year is winter, and I love it! But overall my speed is about the same with or without gears.

jumbly said...

Yes, my fixie is a Pompino, really nice bikes. I have a flip-flop hub on the rear, I tend to want a free wheel if it's really hilly, that's for going downhill not up, I can't spin my legs fast enough or be strong enough to brake with my legs if it gets too steep.

I'd be interested in seeing somebody ride fixed off road just to see how they cope with pedal position at obstacles and no freewheeling on descents.