01 November 2008


Road Bike
15 miles 1:20
Ran to work this morning and really enjoyed the sun coming up, clear skies and autumnal colours. I then spent the next 7.5hrs looking out the window watching the sky get dark and gray and leaves blowing around. I knew that once at home I'd need a quick turn around or there would be no way I'd go back out there.

Eventually I started to get in to it but it was hard. A slow and windy ride but no-one tried to kill me.


jumbly said...

Yay! I love the photo too! I forgot to take my camera out with me so no "evidence" of my ride, have to remember it tomorrow.

trio said...

Yay great start, I find it hard to motivate myself once I get home. Hence why I like commuting. So you ran to work and rode for an hour and 20 that's good going!

kate said...

"evidence" is a must-it adds crucial minutes ;)
running to work sounds impressive but then i just have to sit on my ass for the 7.5hrs!

trio said...

Yes but you could drive to work and sit on your bum for 7.5 hours! It is impressive to get up early and run in!