14 November 2008


Road Bike
12.01 miles 1:02
Logistically today was always going to be hard. Trying to fit in a ride around work and being whisked off to a secret location somewhere near Pendle Hill. So I took inspiration from Sarah and got up at stupid o'clock.

Out of the door by 5am for one of the slowest rides ever. However, I will certainly be doing this again as the roads are so quiet and you don't even need to stop for red lights. I really hope all this cycling and lack of running is going to help me hobble around the Tour of Pendle tomorrow!


trio said...

Good luck at the tour of pendle, sounds a fun event.

Richard said...

Well done for getting up so early.

jumbly said...

Serious dedication again there, getting up at stupid o'clock to ride, well done! Have a good run round Pendle.

Julbags said...

That's the full tour as well! Lots of cycling really does helps with the hills (and it is a big hill), I find it's a total hindrance for steady flat running but that won't be a problem for you at Pendle!

Groover said...

5 AM = best time of the day for a good ride. :-) Well done!