28 November 2008


I kinda knew this was coming but today, well two days ago, was the end of the challenge for me. Ever since missing three days last week my motivation has been really low. I have been hiding this fact with various excuses, family visits, job applications, poorly girlfriend but really I just didn't see the point anymore and knew that I didn't really have the time for a giant 'deficit ride'.

I knew this would be a tough challenge but I have found it a lot harder than I imagined. However, I have really enjoyed some aspects of it, new routes have been discovered, the realisation that you can fit a lot into a day-if you want to and new virtual buddies have been made (waves!)

I have no doubt that Sarah will make the 30/30 (60/60 actually, wow!) but for now I'm going to try and not be a knightmare to live with just because I finished early!!


jumbly said...

You did well, so no being a nightmare! We'll all have to try again in March.

sarah said...

You did really well and inspired me a great deal. I wouldn't be trying for 60/60 otherwise! So, let's plan to try the challenge again sometime.

trio said...

I couldn't believe how hard the challenge was. I get the being a nightmare to live with, but I haven't been too bad this time!

kate said...

thanks a lot for your comments, i'm certainly gonna try again, but maybe march is too soon! i have to say that i was very glad when i finished work today that i didn't have to go out in the dark, damp, cold night.