21 December 2008

following the hair of the dog

The festivities have begun. Yesterday afternoon saw the in-laws host their annual christmas drinks soiree. Many nibbles and tipples were had and my winter holiday waist line is now making an appearance.

Since Blackie's arrival I have hardly done any running of note. And today was no different. For a change of scenery I took Jane to Cannock. Very similar to Sherwood Pines but with hills and steeper downs. I was a bit apprehensive about riding singlespeed there but actually it wasn't as hilly as I'd remembered, so there were no embarrassing walks of shame!

A few good hours of twisty steepy fun and we got the bikes washed before we came home. However, I am itching to get out in the hills and off the waymarked trails.


jumbly said...

Bring your single speed up here and do some riding in the hills. We have good cake supplies too!

GenghisKhan said...

Mmmm.... Cake! I loves me some cake! SS-ing is pretty cool, too--sounds like you had a great time. I'm jealous.

sarah said...

That trail looks amazing! I'm so jealous =)

kate said...

jumbly-how about a new year ss ride? could you and trio do a week day, maybe the 5th? sarah of course you're invited too ;)