31 January 2009

january in numbers

55.41 Miles run but only 11.84 was off road
25987 Feet climbed. That's 14013 off the suggested 10000 a week for BGR training
204.09 Miles ridden, with just 62.38 being on road
1 Metric century completed. Road bike
1 Imperial century completed, if the Strathpuffer counts!
1 Tankards won
15 Lazy days taken
2.5 Jobs applied for

There is obvious room for improvement. However, I've now written a proper training plan that leads right up to the last weekend in June. I may have left things a little late but I don't think all is lost, just yet. Training will start in earnest, just as soon as we get back from holiday!

Yes, we're going back to Scotland. A whole week of playing in blizzard conditions with the assistance of Glenmore Lodge. Hope we don't get snowed in and I'm late back to work...


jumbly said...

have a lovely holiday in Scotland, picked a good week for testing out the new boots if the snowy forecast comes through!

sarah said...

Yeah, I think Strathpuffer counts, LOL!! Great start to the year! I hope you take lots of pics for us in Scotland, the place you're going looks amazing!

Julbags said...

Are you doing one of their winter courses ? The staff at Glenmore Lodge are just amazing, scarily capable. Will wait to see your report on it then.

Good luck with the BGR, Strathpuffer must be a big boost for the psycological side of the BGR, keeping going when tired? It'll be as important as the physical training.

Anonymous said...

If you're doing the BGR a great training weekend is the GL3D, http://www.joefaulkner.com/gl3d.html

Really good weekend, very low key event, gets you around the lakes, it'll be 26 miles a day and I guess 2000m+ of ascent a day, last year it was ~30 miles a day and 3000m of ascent but was a back breaker.

Entries open now. They carry your gear campsite to campsite, you just run with a day pack, sort of uncompetitive type event, so sometimes you run with people, some days on your own. Great training.



trio said...

Great start to the year, january is always a hard month for mileage! So if you had 15 lazy days does this mean that all this was done over 16days? that is impressive!

Strathpuffer does count, even more impressive as off-road. You want to change to the imperial challenge?

Simon Anderson said...

What about the cake stats? How many calories? Lemon drizzle or chocolate - that kind of stuff...

I was being quite serious about my offer of BGR support - let me know if you have a leg in mind and I'll be happy to recce it with you.

ultra collie said...

i guess all this exercise has made your maths go haywire ;)

jenn said...

damn - been in and around aviemore all week doing photoshoots, would've been great to meet up for a beer! how much snow, though?! mental. i'm utterly knackered :-)

kate said...

jumbly, sarah, julbags-yes, glenmore lodge/scotland was ACE :)

iain-thanks for the link. could be a good plan...

trio-sticking to metric...so far

simon-i will give better stats for feb ;) and will certainly contact you for recce fun, probably march

ultra collie-yeh, sorry. didn't explain that very well. i should be climbing about 10000ft a week, which equals 40000ft for the month. but as jane pointed out there are 4 and bits weeks each month....aarrrh!

jenn-amazing conditions, i assume you were testing warm kit ;) maybe a beer at dyfi?