03 May 2009

as yesterday

but with less running and a more successful fettle.

thank's so much for the help chris (i didn't really hit your daughter over the head with the swingball, she's lying)


Red Bike said...

Scandal-ous behaviour

jumbly said...

Remind me never to do you a favour if swingball related assault on a close family member is your way of saying "thanks." The build looks to be coming along nicely though!

Chris said...

Carys says she didn't even feel it!

You're lucky she's hard!!

Don't forget to bid on the Pace forks this afternoon - 20seconds before £115 quid if you really want them.

You're going to be so fast on that!

kate said...

redbikes-bad punn, i'm disappointed in you
jumbly-it only happened 'cos she was winning!
chris-i'm sat here poised....

Chris said...

Well done!