12 May 2009

still smiling

Squeezed an 8m run in between work and overtime yesterday. This was the first run in a very long time that I've actually enjoyed. There was no pressure to run a certain time or ascent. Just run from home to meet Jane at Bestwood then a steady pace though ancient woodland and old spoil heaps.

We're off on holiday again later this week. I'm quickly running out of annual leave but I'll worry about that when it happens! We're planning to walk (there may be some jogging) the Highland High Way. With the West Highland Way being our bad weather/blister plan B.

Whilst I happily come up with the big ideas for adventure, Jane is all about the detail. She's been planner extraordinaire behind this excursion and has been researching routes and kit lists for months. I'm eternally grateful for her patients and thoroughness. She's even got a spreadsheet detailing the calorie to weight ratio of our chosen food. So, Chris, you'd better watch out, I'll never lose at calorie top trumps again!!


Julbags said...

Ooh, have fun doing that! I've walked the WHW and it was verging on a dull trudge in lots of walker traffic at times the High Way looks much more interesting (and tougher). Better to get up on some of the hills if you can rather than just look at them.

Will look forward to your posts.

jumbly said...

There is only one glove in your kit pile, does some of the extreme calorific calculation involve chowing down on your own limbs? Sounds like it'll be a top adventure, I look forward to reading about it when you get back. Have fun!

Groover said...

I'm eternally scraping for more leave, too. Always working up to the last minute and going straight back to work on return etc to maximise the "adventure time". One can always recover in the office, right?

So have a great holiday and ... when I first opened your page I thought there were little cakes on your photograph ... go figure! LOL

Runningbear said...

Have a lovely time, will await news of your adventures. Have fun. RB

trio said...

Have a great time! How are you going to last a week with just that amount of stuff? are you camping as well??

ultra collie said...

what a life you have! one holiday after the next. where am i going wrong!
have fun. hope the midgies dont eat you alive :0

Martin Rye said...

Great walk the WHW. I liked the last bit of Loch Lomand and the whole trail from there. Have a good one and take time to look at the views.

kate said...

julbags-that's kinda what we thought. hope the weather lets us!

jumbly-always the eagle eye! the boring answer is the mits are waterproof so they're being used as mini drybags and have fleece gloves and buff inside ;)

groover-that reminds me, i haven't packed any cakes, eek!

rb-thanks. i'll try no to take too many photos ;)

trio-yes we're camping. sharing the weight of the tent between the tow of us. my bag only weighs 7.9k still less than you're bivvy bag and i'm carrying 3 days of food-work that out??!!

uc-only 16 days left until next april :( hope the midges won't be too bad yet!

martin-really looking forward to that section too. don't worry this is going to be done at a very leisurely pace :)

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

lol Rik is like that. I'd just wing everything if it wasnt for his planning.

have a great trip Kate! we need to meet up when you get back for that ride/climb now its summer