20 July 2009

arse ache

i'm still licking my wounds after the thrashing my mum* gave me at tennis yesterday. i've also developed a shoulder injury that may be tennis/jazz hand related. and after today's run i now have arse ache. or more precisely a painful achilles that seems to have crept all the way up my leg. much stretching is in order but i'm too lazy.

*she is 58


Holdfast said...

Hi Kate, been following your blog for a while. Just thought I'd say that I find a bit of yoga a day keeps the arse ache away :-)

ultra collie said...

see kate, your comment on my music taste has come back to bite you on the...;)

Red Bike said...

Arrrgh, this music is not helpful when you're sneakily reading the blog at work!

Red Bike said...

Oooops, It's not you. It's http://joannebartlett.blogspot.com

Hope your jaz hands heal for next week.

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

i've always maintained that jazz hands are dangerous ;)

get well soon Kate. x

kate said...

holdfast-hi there! i know you're right but i need someone to make me do it! ...looks like you've been having some interesting adventures :)

uc- i fear you may be right ;)

red-what are you on about?

pp- you try it as a warm up for climbing ;)