15 July 2009

who's idea was this

someone (simon), has a new non-tesco light and someone else, chris thought some 'training' for sits would be good. our ride didn't start until 21:30, it was still light but the dark clouds were threatening. by 22:30 we were completely soaked and huddling in a bus shelter consuming cake and whiskey.

a unanimous decision was made to cut our loses and head back. simon's light had been declared brilliant and there was no need to practice 'riding around in muddy circles' anymore. on the journey back the rain stopped, we snatched some gritty singletrack and the bike and myself needed a good clean before coming inside. it was just like winter again, except a lot warmer-ace!


Pedalling Polarcherry said...

we have a tesco light as a helmet light ( with our hope 4leds ) it's really powerful.

your mad btw... there I was last night watching a film and having a beer - and you were in the dark wet night riding around.... lol funny :)

chris said...

You didn't mention the 2lb of home made chicken curry we found in the bus shelter!

It was still frozen in a huge tub and Simon even tried some!

Great ride and mud - tired today tho :-(

Red Bike said...

I've still to buy another light. My last light broke on Trios wet ride.

trio said...

You went out riding at 9:30pm, I went to bed! crazy!

kate said...

pp- now, where would i rather be? ;)

chris-did simon make it to work or is he of with d&v after the 'curry incident'!

red-you might need a light for next week....it's a long way ;)

trio-you don't seem to be taking sits very seriously ;)

trio said...

SITS training is going well, I have started drinking again!

kate said...

that's the spirit-pun intended ;)