29 August 2009

lazy blue sky morning

unusually today's fun began with a lie-in, breakfast in bed and a read of the papers. i could see the cloudless blue sky from every window in the house as i went room to room, building a small pile of down, gor-tex and sugary treats.

i'm all packed now and ready to leave for a bank holiday bivvy. however, the skies are now decidedly gray and the sun has has lost it's sparkle. maybe the early bird does catch the worm....but what if the bird is wearing full waterproofs?


jumbly said...

The early birds caught a great run round Edale and some lovely cake. Hope the ride and bivvy are fun, looking forward to your write up when you get back.

chris said...

Mmm... nice new BB installed!

Have fun!

Runningbear said...

More adventures!? Is the whisky packed in there too? I reckon you're gonna need it after the rain we've just had. Have a good (not wet) one. Rb.

Martin Rye said...

Bivvy biking appeals to me. Go have fun, but I expect the birdie will have wet feathers.

ultra collie said...

the suns out here. hope it is wherever youre hiding :)

Red Bike said...

Very jealous of how everything fits in that one small bag!

kate said...

jumbly-glad you had a good run. i was a little jealous when jane left before me

chris-no new bb, much to simon's annoyance ;)

rb-a full hip flask and a planned pub stop!

martin-do you have a bike?

uc-we managed to hide from all precipitation ;)

red-i can't give all my secrets away ;)