12 August 2009

pottering around

it still feels like someone's stolen my legs. i'm certainly not used to riding at such a high threshold, but no pain no gain. the past few days have been filled with the dull necessities of life; waiting for autoglass, gas safety checks, measuring for uniforms, cleaning and tidying etc

i had hoped that my little break between jobs would be filled with adventure but reality has kicked in. and instead of sulking around i'm enjoying being at home and doing all the things that i don't normally have time to do. having said that i' m still hoping to get to the hills for a least one proper run. but last nights ride reminded me that fun and good times can often be found very close to home.


Red Bike said...

There is still time for one little adventure!

Groover said...

What's that? Beer? Tsk, tsk, tsk

ultra collie said...

go with the flow eh kate