06 August 2009

still in bed

i have a slightly heavy head but it doesn't matter as i don't have to do anything.

well, that's not exactly true. it's sleepless this weekend so there's a fair amount of faff that needs doing.

as for 'real life' stuff, my new job starts on the 17th. 'trauma assistant', i imagine the title is going to be more exciting than the actual job. but it should stand me in good stead for getting onto the nurse training course, possibly january or more likely september 2010.

but for now, what to do with my 11 days of 'unemployment'?!


ultra collie said...

..how's about spending geeky time putting gadgets on the site like RB ;)
..alternatively, just enjoy it. go on..you can.
..oh and dont forget to pick up your giro ;)

Chris said...

Hope I don't see you in your new professional capacity any time soon! - It's Simon's turn next.

Al's just about to put a Scandal order in - Team Scandal next year then!

See you at Sleepless!

Julbags said...

run, bike, eat cake, drink tea...repeat

kate said...

uc-you might be right, might give blog a face lift. but obviously it will be after i've watched jeremy kyle ;)

chris-what about the BBITW?!! see you really soon :)

julbags-what a sensible idea, thank you ;)

Red Bike said...

Time to get the maps out - But definately not at the same time as the wine!

jumbly said...

You need to find somebody else ungainfully unemployed, such as myself, and head out into the hills for a scamper!

Shelly said...

Have a great weekend at SITS :)

trio said...

What a silly question, go biking!