01 September 2009

august in numbers

i'm looking forward to the change of season. perhaps it's my fear of lycra shorts and tiny T's. i've enjoyed plenty of late evening rides and beer with the setting sun. but strangely i prefer the cold, being able to wrap up and face the elements. i'm longing for winter and snow capped hills. i feel ready to apply myself to the task in hand, work hard now and reap the rewards of winter fun.

the imbalance is obvious......
1 new job, so far so good.
5 hangovers
6 cakes baked, including a batch of 'freedom cakes' and giant birthday cookie
4 runs. 2 road and 2 fell
6 laps at sits = 1 great weekend
and more than my fair share of beautiful sun sets

cake of the month: jon's mums chocolate cake-lovely

september will be my return to running.


Red Bike said...

Count me in for some of the SHORT runs and cake testing sessions pleaes.

I will probably give the cold winter / snow capped hills a bit of a miss though!

Jo said...

Ok, you're winning me over with the hymn to the darker months. I shall add: woodland rides with fiery-hued leaves crunching under the wheels, graceful silhouettes of bare branches, etc etc. Oh and hot buttered crumpets!

Glad the new job has started promisingly.

jumbly said...

All sounding pretty well balanced to me!

Runningbear said...

Impressive stats - how many cake miles did you clock?

Am practising my glamorous signature squiggle in preparation. Seriously though, if you're about see me run by, give us a shout - I'll be quaking and glad of the support.

A propose a toast to the start of sharp, clear autumn days and lots more mud. Rb.

kate said...

red- i'll hold you to that!

jo- your hymn is much better, how could i forget crumpets! thanks on the job front :)

jumbly- thanks ;)

rb- honestly, i'm going to starting again ;)

bettymountaingirl said...

Almost, just a little, thinking fondly of winter. But....I'm trying to keep it hush, hush just in case it hears me.

Like your stats too:)

kate said...

betty- i don't need any further encouragement in the cake department ;)

ultra collie said...

thanks for your upbeat outlook of the months ahead..but avoid that running lark ;)

trio said...

Where are the miles for the geeky ones amongst us?