02 October 2009

no cake today

three weeks into running training, which worryingly means only seven weeks until the tour of pendle. today was 'long' run day. no running with friends and no race for motivation. just drizzle and pavement. feeling good that after some deliberation i managed to get out the door. distance covered and in the allotted time.

no left over pudding this evening but there was the promise of fair treats. the annual arrival of goose fair, with disappointingly few gooses, is just down the road. but despite the smell of toffee apples and candy floss, the only thing i fancied was a giant tube of smarties. jane said that i could probably buy it cheaper in asda. so we came home and had cheese and biscuits instead. we didn't even go on a ride. i think we're getting old.


jumbly said...

Cheese and biscuits rather than candy floss could just be a sign of being discerning and sophistimicated rather than old. Unless, of course, you changed into tartan slippers before hand, then you're exhibiting other symptoms of middle agedness.

Anyway, well done on getting out for a run, I let the weather put me off, which is crap of me.

ultra collie said...

so no getting down with the kids on the waltzers...scream if you wanna go faster!!!!!!!!!
well done on your slog..was it all on that tarmaccy stuff? you do well training on that to then race on the fells..you're unique..you could bottle and sell that ;)

Red Bike said...

Good luck with the running training. Mine is going terribly. I haven't manged to get out once this week!

kate said...

jumbly- who told you about my slippers!

uc- yes, ALL tarmac :( ipod is what gets me through-just!

red- stop cycling 100miles a day ;)