08 October 2009

september in numbers

a bit late but i've been working out actual distances for last month, as it's been the start of proper running again. the races in september have probably fudged the stats a bit but also explain why i've been more tired than usual. it's quite a good start but more is needed if i want to beat last years time at pendle-just over 6 weeks away. and i'm going to have to watch out for jane, who seems to be putting in lots of secret training -not that i'm competing against her.....but she'd ran 5m before i'd even woken up this morning!

3 races
0 toe nails lost
1 off road century ridden
72 miles ran
16998 ft of running up hill-ness
2 bottom brackets changed
1 new chin whisker found

cake of the month: wilfs table of tray baked delights


Richard said...

Chin whisker, how fetching. :)

trio said...

Sign of old age!

Reminds me I haven't done my September mileage!

Red Bike said...

72miles ran - wow!!

Give me a yell if you fancy one HUGE mtb ride. I fancy an epic.

starfish264 said...

Yikes - I'm intimidated!! Well, maybe apart from the chin whisker lol ;o)

ultra collie said...

not that youre competing with her [jane]..yeah right ;)