10 November 2009

the booze ride

rain didn't stop play, just altered plans. no 'street' ride this evening. instead, all singletrack leads to the pub. a birthday pint for simon. some muddy trails, cupcakes and a whiskey stop. rode home with a slow puncture and a sugar high. bike still needs cleaning and hip flask will need replenishing.


The Sunday Adventure Club said...

Now THATS proper training :o)

ultra collie said...

sounds like a scene from withnail

Red Bike said...

Happy birthday Simon!

chris said...

Sorry I missed it!

Evil bugs laid me out :-(

Sounds like you did Simon proud :-)

jumbly said...

Drunk in charge of a bicycle. Good way to spend a birthday!

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

sounds good fun. rain stopped play for me but im more of a lazy arse than you!

kate said...

richie- stretching the meaning of cross training ;)

uc- simon is like my fat uncle ;)

red- passed on :)

chris- simon challenged me to race up to the dog walker. he ripped my legs off and asked if was even trying. i think he really missed you then ;)

jumbly- think i might have been a little tipsy. i have bruises on my shins to prove it!

ppc- the lure of fine ale ;)