06 November 2009

'exceptional contribution'

allowed to finish work early-good. attending works awards ceremony this evening-good. three course meal-good. awards followed by disco-not so good. having to wear horrible, scratchy, tight, stupid clothes-very bad. and all because our team made an 'exceptional contribution'...tonight i am going well above and beyond the call of duty!


jumbly said...

I hate stuff you have to dress up for so you have my sympathy. Eat and drink your way through the difficulty!

Groover said...

What did they make you wear? The full on evening dress? I feel for you, Kate!

Congrats on the award though! What was your exceptional contribution?

trio said...

So what exactly did you do to deserve this?

ultra collie said...

bet you'll love it once you get half a dozen drinks down yer ;)

kate said...

jumbly- nearly all of the women were wearing dresses. luckily we were sat down for most of it, so i didn't feel too out of place

groover- got away with trousers, just! we make junior doctors lives easier ;)

trio- me? nothing! just piggybacking on my colleagues success ;)

uc- i thought it was going to be really cheesy and it was. BUT it was actually really nice to be recognised for our work and be surrounded by other people who also like their jobs. god, that sounds naff!

ps- we won :)