05 December 2009

wk2 'the plan' round up

a tough week despite only working 2 days but 3 days away (sometimes i want to bang my parents heads together!) and a race at the end of has meant a certain amount of tweaking. every run has been done in the dark and on my own. but don't feel sorry for me, it didn't rain on thursday evening. all sessions done, except an easy 6m but i hope sunday's race will make up for it.

as for said race, i'd completely forgotten about the added faff of 'multi' sport. that pile of kit may not look much but it took nearly 3 hours to gather up.


Chas said...

Hope event went well. Did you remember to take the front wheel?!

trio said...

Hope it goes well, one day I will do one of those events!

Good work on sticking to the plan even when away!

ultra collie said...

think you guys should move up this way..save on the petrol at least :)
hope it went well..

kate said...

chas- yes but then i nearly left it on a roadside on hayfield!

trio- you'd have been really handy to have on sunday, i think your 'local' k knowledge would have really helped with route planning

uc- don't even mention petrol. we haven't even started on our 'scottish trips' yet!!