11 January 2010

wk7 'the plan' round up

4 books read (cornwall, coupland, murakami, watson)
2 episodes of morse watched
5 episodes of nurse jackie-still undecided
4 magazines flicked through (singletrack, rouler, the weekend, climb)
too much time having snow envy
14 scones baked
18 mince pies baked
30 cups of tea drunk
1 session of ultra sound
lots of stretching
soundtrack- 6music, lauren lavern and radio4, apart from 'in our time'


Red Bike said...

And how many scones / mince pies are left?

jumbly said...

I've done 3 episodes of Nurse Jackie on iplayer, I'm also a bit undecided. Go for some Wallander, that's pretty good, although I'm led to believe the Swedish version is better than the current one, but I don't know if that's still available on iplayer?

ultra collie said...

hey and its hustle tonight! i reckon you'd be good at that ;)

chris said...

IOT was hard work this week - even for me :-(

Lauren Lavern's great :-)

Have fun power walking!

trio said...

Mince Pies, I am sulking! I hardly got any this year before the stopped selling them!

Anonymous said...

Poor you! You must be fed up! good luck with indoor pedal. I love your photos. What Coupland have you read? Yes we have tons of snow up here. I have only cycled once in the last month but lots of running/snow wading (Cragg Vale yesterday). Skiing is the in thing round here for those with the gear.

Charlie said...

Anonymous is me!

SS:Mtn Biker said...

LOL,so you've reached the inevitable point of tallying and listing things! :p

Don't worry,my friend,you're getting better and stronger everyday,it'll be back to normal soon :) Prayers and good vibes for quicker healing sent your way.

kate said...

red- a lady never tells ;)

jumbly- wallander looks good. i missed the original when it was on bb4. i'm very fussy about police procedurals ;)

uc- went downhill after first series!

chris- IOT is like white noise to me. now, if Ms Lavern was do it...

trio- we even used jane's homemade mince meat that's been 'fermenting' for over 12months. a potent filling!

charlie- really jealous of your proper snow. can't beat winter wading ;) just finished 'generation a'. typical coupland, which i love but the ending was a bit disappointing. great idea about the bees though

SS- you should have seen the length of the original list ;)

Runningbear said...

Hope fat leg is feeling better. And looking less yellow-purply-pink. I think my Six Feet Under marathon rerun trumps Nurse Jackie. Hope the plan soon gets back on track. RB

Thunder In The Night said...

Which Coupland Kate?

kate said...

rb- thanks, it's getting loads better. at the difficult stage where it's tempting to go straight back to things.

thunder- generation A. he's one of my favourite writers. the ideas are great but it's a bit let down by the ending.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, pass the mince pies!

I've just realised that I've not had a single mince pie all Christmas.

*goes away, crying*

kate said...

peewiglet- i'm shocked! that's very remiss of you ;)

jumbly said...

If you want more Coupland, I've enjoyed (and can lend you) JPod, Generation X and All Families Are Psychotic. But hopefully, you'll be back on your feet, rather than the sofa before too much longer!

sbrt said...

Hi Kate

Its a plot, putting rubish on daytime tv
to force people back to work.

get well soon.

kate said...

jumbly- thanks for the offer but i'm an avid coupland fan and have re-read most of his. 'microserfs' being my favourite

sbrt- hi steve, i knew it!! cheers :)

swiss said...

keep us up to date on the nurse jackie. i'm undecided as yet whether to waster my life on it, tending not!

the swedish wallender is far superior (but annoyingly unavailable on dvd) and well worth a watch if only to conpare the episodes between these and the branagh equivalents. i don't know quite what the deal is with these, it's like someone's wanted to make an enlgish police series, then transplanted it to sweden and done so in a manner that make it almost unwatchable. i haven;t spoken to any of my swedish compatriots about it but doubtless they'll either find it very funny or love it.

kate said...

swiss- you're right about nurse jackie. went from amusing dark comedy with potential great female lead, to slushy, sentential crap in 6 episodes. will try and hunt down some original wallender.

swiss said...

slushy crap? message received.

we have a bit of bias for original wallander because t's family lives in stockholm and wallander is about the only chance we have to listen to spoken swedish. they don't like it however and wonder how we can watch it. we point out it's probably for much the same reason they love inspector morse and midsomer murders!!!

i don;t like the branagh version because although it has a veneer of swedishness everything looks wrong, the clothes, the behaviours are just too...english. i can see why people might enjoy it but for us it just doesn't work.

what both series might do, if you've not been before, is make sweden, or at least the south of it, look very visitable. i don't know the half of it but i very much like it. you can wander off into the forest from the bus service in stockholm and pretty much make your way to the norwegian coast without touching a road and through forest that hasn;t been touched for hundreds of years. with all manner of wildlife along the way 0 tics and snakes being a particular problem.

there's a possibility i may be doing the finnmarksturren
later this year. not quite the puffer but has a while set fo its own problems!

kate said...

swiss- never put morse and midsummer in the same category!!
we've got a friend in stockholm and have visited. came back wanting to move there. that race looks really good, a great way to see the country. hope you get there.