19 January 2010

wk8 'the plan' round up

first run of the year! calf and shin still tight and a little achy. which is good in some ways as it's a reminder not to rush back. still elevating and ice'ing and taking the advice of only building up by 10min intervals for at least another week.

despite this i wasted another weekend by wearing my hangover hat again. i'm certainly carrying a few extra pounds and feeling like i'm starting from the beginning again. so, a grand total of 2.5 miles for the year and 21 weeks before the main event.


Ian Charters said...

You have plenty of time left, the hardest part will be getting back slowly but it will be worth it to avoid any setbacks.

Good luck for a gentle recovery (:

Red Bike said...

I'm glad you're back running again Teakate. I'm sure you'll soon be back on schedule.

I'm on my forth run of the year.
(I'm only on 2min runs, 2 min walks though.) Last week I did the run /walk 4 times over, today I get to repeat this run/walk 5 times over. Thats a 25% increase in distance!

ultra collie said...

i guess the important thing is not to bend yourself out of shape about it and put aside any time goals (for now). just plan on making it and completing it..the rest is all bonus

Anonymous said...

Sorry, this is going to sound so weird but we have like nearly the same URl. I'm kateteacake.blogspot. You are teacake-kate.blogspot. ha weird.

I like your blog though, glad I found it :)

trio said...

Yes you have to start again in some ways, but not completely you haven't had that much time off. But it comes back quicker than if you were someone who had never done the exercise before - your body remembers!

Now keep the steady steady approach and you will be fine!

jumbly said...

Hoorah for the fat leg being less fat!

kate said...

ian- thanks for the reassurance :)

red- we need to take each others advice. slowly but surely...

uc- you're right. just going to concentrate on long runs and lots of them!

kate- well great minds obviously think a like! and i can't believe how similar our interests are ;)

trio- i know, i know ... :(

jumbly- it needs a knew name now.

Charlie said...

Great that you are back on your feet. Fingers and toes crossed for your rehab!

kate said...

cheers charlie, after tonight's run i'm feeling a lot more positive.