16 February 2010

a real triathlon


blue sky as trainers on and out the door. damn, those tarmac inclines feel like real hills today. keep on plodding. hail falls on the home straight. through the door and into transition one. kitchen.

eggs cracked. onion sliced. garlic crushed. tomatoes chopped. chili, then a bit more for luck, added. a three egg huevos rancheros, literally hoovered up off the plate.

lycra on. water bottle filled and back on the road. pedaling across town, a few near misses but safely arrive team meeting house. quick coffee and then the spinning commences. usual trails but with a setting sun, burning purple in the sky. mud, mud and slippery mud. no punctures! back across town. passing ques of traffic. damn, this feels good. through the door and into transition two. kitchen.

flour, eggs and milk. whisked to an inch of its life. left to stand whilst the grime of the day is washed away. following the strict house rules of savory before sweet. four rounds of pancakes made and devoured. plate licked clean. lemon and sugar wiped from face. cross the finish line.

sofa and olympics await.


Emma said...

What can I say?? EXCELLENT!!! :-)

ultra collie said...

a true tri-athlete indeed :)

Joe said...

Yes, but is drafting allowed during the pancake leg?

Red Bike said...

I went to the gym last night for the first time in years so that I didn't feel too guilty about having several pancakes with ice cream and toffee sause.

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

great piccy, looks very cool and urban!

jumbly said...

I chose to focus my efforts solely on the pancake discipline!