07 February 2010

wk11 'the plan' round up

just 2 'long' runs this week but feel good. am a little slower and a bit heavier but that's something i can change. going to start back on the actual plan, as if nothing has happened. luckily next week is an easy week!

looking at others weekly mileage mine is/going to be much lower, as are my long runs much shorter. i'm going to ignore this and just hope that my very steady build up is going to work for me.

trainer tune: gil scott-heron - who'll pay reparations on my soul


terrahawk said...

Great stuff.

ultra collie said...

sod what others are up to kate..just duck n dive your own plan as you see fit (slacker ;))

John Kynaston said...

Well done Kate. Hope the leg is feeling better.

Not sure what others you are looking at. If it's me then remember this is my fourth year of doing the whw and I've built up my weekly mileage year on year.

In my first year I ran 4 times a week and averaged nearer 40 miles a week.

You need to find what you can cope with. Learn from others but do what's best for you.


Red Bike said...

Oooo, great stuff. I love it when a plan comes together

jumbly said...

Good to hear it's all coming back together. I've missed "trainer tune" updates!

Julie said...

Hi Kate,
I just saw the comment you left for RunningBear and thought I would take a look at your blog. I love the name it is very charming...it made me smile. Also, you have some great pictures:) I will have to go back and read some of your earlier posts!

Charlie said...

I don't think you should take the drugs pharmashack's offering....look what happened to Gil Scott-Heron. Great that you are running again....you must be relieved/happy to have got over fatleg. Were you getting fatleg and fartleck mixed up??!!??

Fiona Rennie said...

Hi Kate, just repeating Ultra Collie and John, read all the info available but only go with what works for you and have fun.


kate said...

terrahawk- just like tony says, grrrrreat ;)

uc-yeh, thanks..i think you must be like thatcher the amount you sleep ;)

john- thanks, that's good to hear. particularly as that's going to be about my average.

red- you knows it :)

jumbly- i'm really looking forward to the longer runs due to some new tunes, will keep you posted :)

julie- hola! thanks for stopping by. good luck with your training :)

charlie- haha! i deleted that post before i read yours. jane had to explain it to me!

fiona- hi, thanks for the advice. at the moment i feel like i'm in an exam and everyone else has already turned over to the next page!!!

Elsie said...

Great blog! - just came across it thanks to the wonders of Google. Good luck with your race, have you ever thought about the Kepler Challenge?!! (NZ)

trio said...

You know what you need to do. Look at your training for 24hr bike races and see if you think you are doing similar with the running.

Glad you are back on track! I think you dealt with the injury well, way better than I could have done!

kate said...

elsie- hey there, the kepler looks pretty tough. that's a high hut!! are you training for it?

trio- thanks, think i could have dealt with it a bit better, but i know for next time! and as for training for 24hr....erm... ;)

Elsie said...

Kepler is a bit beyond me at the moment, but have just done this:
Alpine Classic - cannot recommend it highly enough. Hope to do this, maybe Jan 2011 - Bogong to Hotham. Keep up your blogging - inspirational!