28 June 2010


i was at work, apparently england played some very bad football and jane ran in her first (road) half marathon. she was aiming for 2:10, as part of her training for the full size in september. despite sweltering conditions she pretty much stayed on target but was disappointed at the lack of 'sponge stops' as advertised.

a nice recovery run this evening. chatting as we went, she admitted to feeling pretty intimidated by the prospect of having to run any further than 13.2m. being a finely tuned and experienced endurance athlete, i was full of advice. she's not going to take any of it and will carry on instead with her training programme.


Groover said...

Do you still love me? Even though Germany beat England again in a Worlcup game. :-)

ultra collie said...

road? did you say road? have you laced her cake or something?

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

lol I don't blame Jane at all for ignoring your experience advice. I do the same to Rik all the time ;)

It's just the way it goes. Go Jane!

trio said...

So instead of just running when she feels like it, is Jane actually following a training plan?

kate said...

groover- of course! it's all about le tour in this house ;)

uc- i know!! i think she has to make this mistake for herself, 3hrs + on the road is wrong. she will see!

ppc- yeh, i wouldn't take it either ;)

trio- not only that, it's not one she made up herself!

trio said...

Wow! What a novel idea Kate. Have you thought of that one ;-)