31 July 2010

offal-ly good times

nursing a very slight hangover yesterday, running plans were put on hold. the only cure, a day of gentle pottering. we were already in the derbyshire hills, having spent the evening 'sipping' wine and sampling new cheese (black bomber-razor blade cheddar yet creamy soft) in the o-p's caravan.

content to sit and marvel at the views from the comfort of the chair/bed, radio 4's calming tones, the rustle of newspapers and the occasional click of the kettle, the only noise. a short jaunt to bakewell and back to the 'van with sweet and savory treats.

i chose the bakewell pudding, jane chose the haslet. only one of these was actually finished. i'm glad i tried the pork the entrails, now i never have to do that again. unlike the haslet, the bakewell pudding tasted infinitely better than it looked.

cheese, pudding, haslet miles:
* i managed a slow 3m jog to work this morning
* jane did 17m. her furthest yet. she is now officially in haslet deficit.


ultra collie said...

jane should take over blogging all matters running from hereonin and
you stick to the cakey stuff ;-)

kate said...

yeh, i think you might be right!