22 July 2010


bit of a soggy run along derwent edge this morning. but more importantly back in time for le tour. thank goodness for itv4+1. how do other folk cope keeping up with their soaps and tv shows? the past three weeks of my life have been completely dictated by tour highlights and live streaming.

come on schleck!


vdubber67 said...

There's an ITV4 +1?!!?

I honestly didn't realise that! :)

Joe Newton said...

I've got a nine week summer holiday and three of those weeks have basically been spent watching the live Tour coverage on Eurosport. That's the WHOLE of each stage live. When the adverts come on I simply switch over to the live coverage over on NRK 2HD!

I want Schleck to win but I feel this Tour is Contador's. A pity really, it's been a while since I've not liked the winner of a Tour but El Pistolero has El Pissed me off this year.

trio said...

Sky+ is how we cope :-)

ultra collie said...

was donkey doing competing too ;-)

sbrt said...

Torrential rain, Flying ants and Hallucinogenic photos.

What Biblical plague will you bring us next?

Daz H said...

Ive have watched the tour for donkeys years Kate
HD on eurosport is the way to go.
Its just what July was made for.
Whats Contador done to upset you.

kate said...

vdubber- there's also and itv iplayer thingy!!

joe- i truely admire your dedication :) i'd like to see schleck win too but even more, i'd love to see cavendish nab the green on the champs elysées. most exciting tour in recent years!

trio- if we had that i'd fill it instantly with old family guys and simpsons...and then do nothing!

uc- ok, now i have no idea what you're on about?! i'll put it down to the fact you're all hyped for that little run today ;)

sbrt- hopefully a plague of dry and dusty trails and cakes falling from the sky.

daz- he's done nothing to upset me, except that time he dropped me ;) it's more that for some reason, schleck just comes across as a more open and honest rider. there's just something about him that i like, maybe it's that droll that hangs off his chin when he's tapping away up the mountains-he's human after all?!

ultra collie said...


kate said...

that's such a dad joke ;)