09 September 2010

the 'brunch' ride

i needed to do something mindless, something to clear the fug of visiting the grandparents yesterday. neither are doing very well at the moment. both are too set in their ways to accept offers of support. we just have to stand back and watch the gradually accelerating decline. sad and frustrating in equal measures.

55 miles of undulating lanes, squeezed in between breakfast and lunch. it doesn't change their situation but it does make me feel a little better. the ache in my legs i can deal with and hopefully i'll sleep better tonight.

also, in case you're wondering, it is possible to stretch a 26" mtb tube round a 700cc wheel. numpty.


"e Brutto" said...

Visited a great aunt yesterday in a nursing home deteriorating rapidly, 91.
Still she was still cycling everywhere into her eighties.
I certainly feel more mortal just a function of age I suppose.
We did have her set up with home support in the end her age just caught up with her.
Nice legs, shame about the sponge cake!;-)

trio said...

Impressed you got an mtb tube into a road tyre!

kate said...

e brutto- cheeky but i like it ;) sounds like your great aunt had was one hell of a lady. i'm impressed she kept her freedom so long ...i wonder if our knees will hold out!

trio- it took a lot of swearing!!

Rocketdog said...

i find cycling a great release, infact my best time up the local long steep hill was set not long after i split with my ex, channelling that anger and frustration into the pedals was very satisfying, however riding angry off road soon leads to being broken*

*fun though :-)

jumbly said...

Riding bikes is so good for the soul. I hope getting the miles in helps with the tough times ahead.

Groover said...

You're not riding your road bike with mtb shoes, are you?

Give your grandparents a big hug next time you see them. Don't be too hard on them. I know it's easier said than done because you are worried. Ride as many miles as you need afterwards ... :-)

"e Brutto" said...

Fancy a slice cycle down my way 67 miles by Google walk.
You can camp on my sofa if you like.
Under employed so most times good.

G.Aunt and Uncle cycled everywhere as they could not afford a car once retired.
About 5 years ago they decided to leave them in the shed.
He died last year from old age. Her knee has ceased up since giving up the bikes and led to her current situation as she could not get out of her chair and is now too frail for an operation.
Worried about the knees, keep going even if another sport.

kate said...

rocketdog- yeh,

jumbly- yeh, i just gotta remember and sit and wallow with the biscuits!

groover- thanks and i will do. and yes, those are my mtb shoes. in fact i only have 1 pair of bike shoes but nearly 10 pairs of trainers!

e brutto- so the best thing is to keep on pushing the pedals, will do! as for rides, i don't trust anything google maps says anymore ;) might be up your way (i think) running in oct though.

ultra collie said...

it'll come to us all one day kate so we do as you do and have a blast while we can

"e Brutto" said...

Email me and I will move the cat from the sofa and get some cakes in :-)