15 September 2010

someone elses localness bivvy

it starts with a leisurely train journey. bike gleaming in the sunlight, legs mud free and no grit in my eye. some 24 hours later, a different train heading home. filthy bike, grimy legs and soaked through to the bone...it's been a great bivvy.

courier styley amy led the way through manchester and out onto her local trails. sneaking between golf courses and river banks, a few berms and a 'water feature', up and over a big hill and straight to the pub. vikki was already there, looking far too clean and dry for my liking. some questionable risotto and a few beers and it was time to head back out into the weather.

plan a was to sleep on top of a big hill, instead wind and rain activated plan b-thankfully. to the nearest woods, where local yoofs had kindly built a shelter in the trees. tucked in and all cozy and trying to ignore the sounds of what probably was a mad axe murderer lurking about. a damp and windy morning crept through the trees to wake us. slow to brake camp, we lingered in our warm bags, putting off the inevitable.

pedaling back into manchester, the rain continued and i seem to remember some wind too. but we spent the night out, rode our bikes and had a jolly good time. weather gods, you can not beat us!


Ian Charters said...

And here was me thinking I was mad (-:

trio said...

Thanks for a great adventure.

jumbly said...

Found myself pricing up winter weight sleeping bags as I see many more bivvy adventures in my future. Thanks for a great night in the woods!

"e Brutto" said...

Reminds me of less salubrious times...my sofa bivvy has a resident black cat hazard ;-)

ultra collie said...

bet you got some looks riding back in manchester ;-)

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

v jealous of you all. sounds brill

Groover said...

You guys are mad!

kate said...

ian- you're my idol ;)

trio- no, thank you, apart from the 'water feature'!

jumbly- winter fun is booked in

brutto- haha, think we were more at risk of drunk yoofs wanting their shag camp back!

uc- surprisingly i had a seat all to myself

ppc- you'll have to come on the next one

groover- now you're back on fat tyres it's only a matter of time ;)