06 December 2010

real life resumes

doing agency work has certain perks. white hills and a blue sky mean i don't have to go to work....as long as i promise (myself and jane) that i'll make the time up... last week was full of snow rides, wading walks and lashings of tea and cake.

unfortunately it can't continue indefinitely. shifts have been booked. hopefully the weather forecast is correct and i'll still get some quiet trail time too. why is the cold and frozen so much more inviting when you don't have to go to work. today, it's been nothing but a hindrance.


SS:Mtn Biker said...

Winter used to be my favorite time of year...until last year's storms screwed everyone here pretty hard. Currently there's about 8" of powdery white stuff and it's still falling,I've realise it's a real struggle to keep this particular house warmer than outside...sigh,I will love winter again,but most likely not in 201,LOL!

And hey,on a different subject,there will be some HUGE life changes coming for me,and you my dear e-friend,will be one of the first to read about it...soon ;)


ultra collie said...

you sound chipper :-)

Groover said...

Isn't work always a hindrance? To everything? All the time?

That snow looks great. What tyres do you right on this? I can hear the noise the tyres would make on fresh snow, this gnarling sound. ;-)

Groover said...

... ride ... not right! Then again: ride is always right, isn't it? :-)

"e Brutto" said...

More of the cold stuff coming our way see my latest blog for a detailed theory of why, QI even if I say so.
The polar jetstream is move south again as it has done every winter since the 2007 ice melt.
No work for me getting a bit desperate you know what is coming next- "found a job and heaven knows I'm miserable now" ;-)