11 January 2011


goes my knee, as i ease down the stairs. crunch.click.creeeeek. goes my knee, as press the clutch and change gear. crunch.click.creeeeek. goes my knee, as bend down to help old ladies put their slippers on. but wait a minuet, it's the same crunch. click. creeeeek. that my knee has been making for the past 6months, only slightly worse. which considering i spent a good few hours jogging round the peak last saturday isn't too bad.

i just couldn't say no. we, 'team marathon-schmarathon' (myself, jane, vikki and jo), have got an entry for the hpm. which is notoriously difficult to do. so, i couldn't say no. our first reccy was planned, the weather looked potentially snowy but definitely cold and windy. i couldn't say no. meeting up with friends and the promise of shared cake, i couldn't say no.

the running was slow and a little painful on my part. but it was so good to be on the hills with friends.

**offical knee update
to cut a long and very boring story short, i did get a referral to an orthopedic clinic but due house move and post redirection i missed my appointment and now have to start again. totally fed up i gave up but having just remember how much i love running, i've registered with a new gp and will start again. however, having had such a gap off running, and nearly a month of just booze, it would seem the 'rest' has done some good.


ultra collie said...

get in!
mind you dont pick easy targets to start back with do you!

Simon said...

Good news then! Man, I'd love a HPM entry. One of the organisers joined the Plodders last week but I can't get any strings pulled. Glad you are on the mend, however tentative! :-)

kate said...

uc- well, it's going to hurt what. so might as well make it worth while ;)

simon- it's more by luck of being the fairer sex that we got an entry. because jo and i did it last year, and our team came in the top 3 of our category...there where only 3 female teams- but rules is rules and we got an entry. this is why i feel i should really put some effort in!! there's always a pretty good chance of stepping in for someone last minute. keep an eye on fra.

Elizabeth A said...

good luck for the puffer - looks like it's going to be a cold one!

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

good luck for the race! you'll rock it dude

Ian Charters said...

Good to see you are back on the hills. Good luck for HPM. See you there, all being well.

Hayfella said...

The HPM? You're mad! Gloriously, wonderfully, sod-the-world bonkers. Good on you and good luck! Happy New Year too, btw.

Will Meredith said...

Hi T&C. Like your blog. Think i may have met you on a Paddy Buckley support a couple of years back? (maybe mistaken).
Thought I'd mention that I too have entry for HPM and also have very crunchy knees. Its very worrying sometimes but I went to see Denise Park (the superphysio who writes for fellrunner) and she laughed and said it's just crepitus and doesn't necessarily mean it'll ever stop me running. So now I dont worry and just feel much better about it. Also, I find if I stop running it gets much worse. i think being active lubricates the joints. Dont let anyone talk you into spending £100's on orthotics. Good luck.

kate said...

elizabeth- cheers! lookin' pretty damp now :(

ppc- thanks! i may well crash on the rocky section ;)

ian- yeh, hope we both make it to edale-you doubling? ;) i really enjoyed it last year.

hayfella- i don't bother getting out of bed for anything less than a marathon...i mean snickers bar ;)

will- hi there! maybe, i did support a pb last year and a failed one a few years ago. were you supporting a guy named digby?? yeh, i think you might be right about stopping being the worst thing you can do. good luck with your training, hope to see you too in edale :)

Dorian Grey said...

Hi kate,

Mmmm knees are always a little problematic but I agree with Will if you can keep getting out even doing some cross training it may well be beneficial but yes I would certainly get your new GP to look at it.
Good luck with the HPM I was trying to persuade Jon (who helped out on Simons PBR with me last year) to do it but alas it seem all the fell boys I know signed up for the Long Mynd (the Sunday after the HPM) as its a British Champs race this year.
Good luck once again to you and the rest of the girls :)

kate said...

hi there! is it ant? i can't believe they're choosing long mynd over hpm. tut, tut! are supporting jon on his crr this year? or do you have plans of your own?

kate said...

ooh, just checked your blog. good luck with the training :)

Dorian Grey said...

Hi Kate,

All good luck is welcome as are spare legs :P I'm still planning on helping Jon with his CRR; well thats assuming I can still put one leg in front of the other. I'll have a whole 3 weeks to recover though :P
Hope the HPM goes well for you. Yeah the other lads are wimps haha :P