26 March 2011

march for the alternative

over 500, 000 folk took to the streets of london (even more showing solidarity on-line) to protest again the public sector cuts. there are real alternatives and we need to fight for those who's voices wont be heard. it's not just about protecting pensions and saving jobs. it's the most vulnerable of this 'big society' that are going to be affected. they're the ones i'm shouting for. a day of laughter and hope.

more info here and here.
**********morning after edit*****
why is pretty much all of the reporting (yes, bbc!) about "riots and violence". why are the issues not being discussed. there are alternatives, robin hood tax, creating low carbon jobs, stopping funding trident, chasing down tax evaders.-these are just a few. these cuts make no economic sense, it's just political ideology. an ideology that is eventually going to cost lives. i went to bed on a massive and have just woken up depressed. ...maybe i should just go for a run.


ultra collie said...

kate..to be fair, putting preferences aside, all politicians are crooks and two faced. personal greed, self-interest and short-termism are the goals. i would love the green party to get in but with the mainstream being a bunch of numpties that won't happen. so we get caught in the never ending red/blue/red/blue cycle
id have gone shopping myself ;)

kate said...

uc- sadly, deep down i know you're probably right. having said that, i still think it's important to care what happens...as for shopping, in london town, on a student wage!! ;)

Runningbear said...

Though the news coverage was shitty I was inspired by the sheer numbers on the day.

A pretty amazing turn out in such apathetic times... and not depressing to know so many were bothered enough to march.

kate said...

yup, a really valid point rb. think i just woke up on the wrong side of bed! what with 'broadcasting house' going on about the violence, then i went to get a paper and everyone (apart from the observer) was leading with 'riots', even the Sindy had a front page photo of riot police silhouetted by fire! but you're right the shear numbers of people were inspiring. paul mason's (newsnight) blog is actually really good.....feeling a little better.

The German said...

Living in Glasgow, I would be more than happy for Trident not to be replaced and for Faslane to be closed - both involve job losses but I reckon it would be worth it.

Whilst we are at it, can we please stop bombing other peoples countries ? One days "work" in Libya could help fund a fair bit of health care or education.

kate said...

i couldn't agree with you more. and those jobs 'lost' could be reinvested in other forms of power...don't get me started on war! thanks for commenting :)