31 March 2011

a new outfit

we're off to the lakes tomorrow for a week of hill fun. there's been little voice in my head whispering, 'it's not actually that far, you could cycle there....'. that same voice is also responsible for a recent purchase. i'm now the proud owner of a triathlon specific wetsuit-i know, i didn't realise there was a difference either! according to various tri forums it's still too cold for open water swimming but they also advise that you should start with sprint distance before working up to longer courses. fear not though, it's not all about heart rate zones, brick sessions and tri bars , i'm packing my fells shoes too. right, time to print off those google map directions.


sbrt said...

Ooh suits you madame wetsuits you.

Have fun.

JessiePants said...

Have a lovely weekend! I have that little voice as well...congrats on your wetsuit!

Julbags said...

Something to do with the shoulders for a tri wetsuit...I was told. I actually want one for the pool, they help you float and I have the swimming ability of a housebrick (still). I like the idea of open water swimming but I'm really panicky on/around/thinking about large expanses of water so its going to take a very large mental shift to get there...

ultra collie said...

apt timing for a trip to the lakes ;)
bet you tri it out (npi)
we're up next w/e 9th..ldwa..are you doing it?

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

Have a great week. Get lots of piccies for us x

Adam said...

Have a fab time. Is the wetsuit as flattering as the skin suit?
I am jealous you do activity holidays, eating and drinking round Mykonos Town seems almost uncouth in comparison!

Marathon in t minus 9 days! Im on tapering heaven, off to see Kylie tomorrow in Manchester, carb loading which equals more bread and lemon curd! 7 miles tonight, to make up for the spiced rum i will be downing.

Love to Jane! x

Groover said...

Little whispering voices in your head, too, luring you into riding long distances? Oh, we are doomed, Kate! But they are great to blame expensive purchases on... LOL

kate said...

sbrt- haha :)

jessie- hi there! cheers, looks like you've got a few hobbies too ;)

julbags- the open water part doesn't bother, some much as being very, very last! you seem to making progess with the crawl though.

uc- damn, we're going to miss you guys again-need to get back for skool things :(

ppc- thanks, will do!

adman- haha, don't think i'll be able to get on upside down though ;) enjoy your tapper (cake time) and kylie (what a lovely bottom). j says hi back :)

groover- you're so right! i here knee replacements are too expensive though ;)