26 June 2011

kinder splashing

cool feet
gentle climbing and feet splashing, snaking up the snake path. up on to kinder, thankful for the breeze. a bit of grit stone hopping, peat sinking, grough hunting and compass bearing running. views into edale before a sharp left and back across the plateau. along the quiet edge, rounded stones and sandy streams. the brightest bracken lined decent follows the short rocky drop.

a quick scrub down in the river, then decamp to the pub. feeling like we won this weekend.


ultra collie said...

while you were splashing i was dancing..but both trips ended in the same type of establishment

JessiePants said...

Ultra green, splashing and the pub - looks like an amazing day!

funderson said...

Oh my gosh...the green! my eyes...my eyes! SO pretty

kate said...

uc- dancing?, tell me more??!!....just realised, you mean your ninja swamp thing impersonation!

jessie- not bad for a sunday :)

funderson- hi there! tis a green, green land.

sbrt said...

In the style of the 'Jazz club presenter'.

Mmmm.... nice!

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

love the piccies and write up Kate. V poetic

Simon said...

Agreed. You won. :-)

kate said...

sbrt- *turns head to camera, points finger* NICE

ppc- thanks buddy

simon- yup, hope you were winning in scotland :)