13 June 2011

please help

******sorted, thanks******
are you able to give up some of your spare time to help a lonely mountain marathoner?
her little bag is already packed but due to her partner having a bad case of giffer knee, jane is looking for a new partner for this years saunders. with your help and support she could escape the dull 9 to 5 of normal life for one weekend. she has an entry for kirk fell, is aiming for middle of the pack, is a competent navigator, walks the ups and jogs the downs. her tent is small, so top and tail only!! further references can be sought from vikki and jo.

please, don't hesitate to get in touch. you could make a real difference.


trio said...

Such a shame I'm working.....oh and can't run to save my life!

Hope she finds someone!

kate said...

i think you'd love it though :)

JessiePants said...

If only I were there, I'd be down...I would be far too slow though. Hope someone pops up!

Dawn said...

Hey, my friend Sarah really wants a partner as well and can't find one. She tried to leave a comment but it wouldn't work. So on her behalf, please email

sarah-keast (at) hotmail.com

for a Saunders partner!

kate said...

jessie- it's right up your street. if you're ever over here make sure you time your visit :)

dawn- cheers, just mailed sarah.