03 August 2011


house moved. tin'ternet now connected (skool productivity now down). in between packing/unpacking there's been some baking, running and biking...well at least cake eating, jogging and commuting. hope ya'll in blog-land have been enjoying the sun, looking forward to catching up on tales 'n trials.


in other non hill news i've also recently purchased two life changing pieces of kit:
1. telescopic duster. i do not know how i have lived so long without this
2. a cylinder mower. grass cutting has never been so fun, the faster you mow the better the noise
i've even been making some cushion covers. domestic bliss...


Simon said...

I'm intrigued - how does the mower help with the cushion making?

Anyhow, you're welcome to come and mow my lawns anytime you want to! [And that's not a joke or an innuendo...]

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back, missed you! Gaynor

starfish264 said...

Glad you're all settled now - what was the cake? It looks yummy. And where on earth were you running? It looks amazing! x

Chris said...

Welcome back!

So you've stuck in Chez Vegas(?)

I'm looking forward to seeing the house - Simon and Alex said it was lovely :)

PS Very well done Gaynor!

sbrt said...

Nicely framed sprocket shot. I don't Know how you find the time, now you are a domestic goddess.

kate said...

simon- i'd happily mow your law and use the cut grass to stuff a cushion

gaynor- ayup champion :)

starfish- cake was an apple pie type thing, bake by our new neighbours-how ace is that?! we were running along derwent edge in the peak district. worth a trip, brilliant for biking/running/walking and you'd be welcome to pop in for a cuppa :)

chris- hola! yes, chez-vegas it is. we are not moving again. ever. will have to arrange visit/ride soon :)

sbrt- hahahahahahahaha ;)

ultra collie said...

welcome back . thought you'd gone for good.
how much to dust and mow please?

kate said...

uc- me, disappear? nah, i like the attention too much ;) will mow for free but i have a sneaking suspicion that your 'lawn' might be considerably larger than ours!

JessiePants said...

Glad you are all moved in, sorry so late, just catching up.
The things that amuse us when we get a house and "grow up" are much different than we could of imagined when we were wee, eh?

kate said...

jessie- haha, i know what you mean. never thought i'd ever buy a house and certainly didn't expect to be training to be a nurse!! how far off are you?