15 September 2011


i started my second placement on monday. so far, 4 shifts in, and i'm really enjoying it. distinct to anywhere i've worked before, with a very different approach to nursing. i feel like there's so much to learn and only 8weeks to try and cram as much into my brain as possible.

the only downside is the early starts and the shock of going back to work after a few months of being a student. my commute is slightly longer, which has meant a lot less running but the sunrises are getting more and more worth the 5am starts.


by tomorrow afternoon i'll have cycled 150miles, for a job where i don't get paid! did i mention the sunrises?



simondbarnes said...

The sunrises look ace. Love the bottom photo :)

Ian W Charters said...

Awesome sunrises. Really worth getting up for - just a pity about the work, I guess. ;~)

kate said...

simon- thanks. bet you get some good ones too?

ian- i was nearly late this morning due to slowing down to look behind me at the sky constantly!

simondbarnes said...

It's mainly be raining on my commutes :(

Derby Tup said...

Great photos Kate. Good luck with the placement!

ultra collie said...

which latitude do live near to get 5am sunrises at this time of the year!! very nice mind and pleased you have a new lease of nursing life..reckon you could be the nurse eqivalent of patch adams ;)

sbrt said...

Didgeridoo fires up and starts droning in a melodic yet slightly sinister way.

Then Rolf starts singing:-
'Sun a rise, not quite so early in the morning'

Glad your placement is going well.
Nice pics too.

kate said...

simon- i don't mind the rain, it's the wind that makes it miserable!

derbyT- thank you :)

uc- well spotted, photos are taken approx. 6.45 nearing the end of journey. as for patch adams, i was always told at school to take things more seriously!!

sbrt- haha, thanks. it's in my brain now!

JessiePants said...

Wow! I guess if you have to be up at the arse crack of dawn that is something wonderful to see.
Glad you are liking the placement, sorry it doesn't leave all that much time for running though.