07 November 2011

last shift sunrise

last shift sunrise
finished my placement yesterday all signed off and passed. i have to say it was actually quite emotional leaving. i suppose it has a lot to do with the type of work that goes on in rehabilitation wards. often providing the most intimate of care whilst having a laugh and a joke, and watching patients gain in their independence. it's been the most rewarding job i've ever had.

dear mr lansley, if the nhs still exists by the time i qualify i really wouldn't mind a job in nursing.


Julbags said...

well done Kate. It is not a job I could ever do but I think people who can (and love it) are amazing. What's next at skool?

kate said...

julbags- thanks... hope i don't sound too 'i'm brilliant me'-not what i meant. just feel so pleased that finally i've found a job that genuinely enjoy (most of the time!). now it's back to lectures for a few weeks before winter holiday :)

ultra collie said...

sounds like you've hit your 'calling'..as jullbags says it takes someone special to do it properley.
enjoy the respite ;)

sbrt said...

Nice one Kate.

SS:Mtn Biker said...

Congradulations! An awesome and very honorable\respectable job. You have my respect,my friend!


swiss said...

by the looks of it you'll be working in some us healthcare run hospital. perhaps you'll be sponsored! it would be funny if i thought i was actually joking : (

kate said...

uc- ha, jane has always said there is something a bit 'special' about me ;)

sbrt- thank you :)

ss- thanks buddy, just pleased to have found a career i enjoy at last.

swiss- i know :-/