11 December 2011

soggy blog jog

isn't running just brilliant?!
soggy blog jog
surely alarm bells would sound if you'd arranged to meet two blokes off the internet for a run around the moors. but no-one was murdered, even when the 'navigator' got a little 'confused'. it's soggy jogs like this that make me feel all warm and cosy. i'm reminded of how lucky i am, able to do these hobbies of mine and meet some lovely like minded folk along the way.
despite the wind and the rain and the lack of snow (and sprightliness on my part) a few hours in the white peak was the perfect start to a sunday morning. so, thank you steve and simon for coming out to play.


sbrt said...

Thanks again for sorting that out. It was great to catch up with you and Simon.

All the best for Xmas

Anonymous said...

That first photo is excellent!!!!


Simon said...

It was absolutely brillaint! Thanks for the invite Kate, great to finally meet you and lovely to catch up with Steve :-) And that was SO the path...

kate said...

steve- so glad we finally made it out together. i promise to be less green around the edges next time ;) hope to see you at the highlander, if not before :)

pacepusher- thanks! lucky shot that looks ok when turned monochrome!

simon- the la-de-da watch also proves it was SO the path, i am officially a moron! hope to see you soon.

ultra collie said...

sorry i missed the fun..sounds like you had a grand day out together

kate said...

uc- don't worry we talked about you ;) will defo have to arrange another, bigger snowier/sunnier one!