22 January 2012

calderdale ldwa- the hebden

a team building/cake eating exercise for marathon-schmarathon#2
wind assisted running
22 miles
4000 ft ascent
6 food stops (checkpoints)
2 coconut slices
a handful of jelly sweets
1 peanut butter cookie
some malt loaf
a cheese sandwich
a piece of stollen
numerous cups of squash
and in the community centre at the finish; a bowl of veggie stew with as much tea as you like and a glass of mulled wine. followed by apple crumble and custard, in proper bowls with waitress service!


jumbly said...

LDWA challenge events are one of the best reasons imaginable to become a long distance runner!

Gaynor said...

Me - 24 miles, 1 flapjack, 1 bottle slimfast. Your run sounds better! Crumble gets my vote every time.

trio said...

I think I could get into running if it is like this!

Ben said...

You are not supposed to tell people about ldwa food. Just say theyare long tough events. My next one is April cant wait for the cakes.

kate said...

jumbly- i think i finished in calorie equilibrium!

gaynor- slimfast?! you're not trying hard enough ;)

trio- it's only a matter of time....

ben- oops, i forgot the first rule of ldwa ;) which one are you doing?

ultra collie said...

and probably all for £4!

Ben said...

Next one is Cerne Giant 30 and then if that goes OK I am also entered in the Wye Forest 50. Not overflowing with confidence at the moment.

kate said...

uc- £9, plus certificate and badge :)

ben- ooh, exciting! 50m!! eek, just keep thinking, the longer the event, the more cake there'll be. i'm sure you'll be fine :)

Derby Tup said...

Were you not hungry or what on Saturday?! :-P