03 February 2012

hot chocolate aches

buff rolled bandito style, thumb loops pulled down and everything tucked into tights. wind proof beanie on the bonce. three layers on top, two on the bottom, woolen socks and over shoes. sleeves tucked into lobsters, a sealed unit.
no traffic weaving today, just eyes peeled and ready for action. everyone is twitchy and nervous. warm water used to de-freeze, is now refreezed. yesterdays lunch detritus is now a fizzy pop frozen neve. avoid the the ice slicks and you're a winner.

hot air pours from my mouth. uphill steam rolls from my nose, like a slow angry bull winching to the top. downhill and snot falls onto the cross bar, immediately frozen. car doors welded shut with ice, wipers scraping on the glass. everyone is twitchy and nervous.
normally a 30mph coast, today i plunge between the terrace houses with fingers hovering on the brakes. is that ice or just a trick of the light? mind games as splinters of sun break through the trees. the bike lock fumbled with and the hot aches begin. too early for the campus cafe and too late to go back down the road. i'll have to wait another 2hours before i can redeem my loyalty card for a hot chocolate....


Julbags said...

sounds like me this morning. Baltic but ice free commute, legs did not warm up at all. Fingers were fine in my lobsters until I stoped to photograph the sunrise and took them off. -5 at work, so much for it being milder at the coast.

sbrt said...

Just chillin.

kate said...

julbags- -5!!! cripes. think i need to wear more on top cos i'm still pretty cold. and probably some more liners gloves. but it'll probably warm up by next week :(

sbrt- yup :)

Simon said...

I love this post. Brilliant :)

kate said...

thanks simon :)