11 March 2012


sky high
it's been 3 weeks since jane busted her foot and unfortunately, i don't think she's going to be back on the fells for at least another month or so. fortunately though, she's taken to this cycling lark like an injured runner to, well cycling.
swapping long runs for long rides. jelly babies for cake stops. compass for inner tubes and it would seem, drizzly bog for sun kissed tarmac.


Rosemary said...

I am down south and was out today too, taking in the views and soaking up the sunshine! What fantastic climbs there are in the Peak District.

Not sure Andy was enjoying it quite as much though :D

Tell Jane this is how it always is on a bike!

Groover said...

What's wrong with cake stops on a long ride? ;)

ultra collie said...

shake it up you dudes

kate said...

rosemary- haha, i can well image yours and andys ideas of what constitutes a good climb are somewhat different!! but yeh, it's not too bad down here in the south ;)

groover- don't worry, there are no complaints here :)

uc- especially over the cattle grids!

Simon said...

Beautiful pics as ever mate. Guess what, I too am buying a bike next weekend. I have literally no clue about what I'm doing with this...Positive vibes to Jane, catch you soon. :-)

Joe Newton said...

It's 'cross training'. As long as you guys are oot, that is the main thing.

swiss said...

cycling is just better....

you, on the telly. oh yes!

kate said...

simon- oooh, very exciting. let know if you need any advice or a riding buddy :)

joe- totally! not quite as extreme as a packcraft (?) tough ;)

swiss- jane's foot may well agree!

sbrt said...

Don't let Jane see the Rocky film Where Rocky has to run after Mickey (his trainer), who is on a bike

kate said...




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