21 August 2008

baking, birthday's and work....

It's been a bit busy of late with not much training but loads of cake eating.

For the first time ever I followed the recipe exactly and nothing curdled. Yes, I have baked possibly the best Victoria sponge, ever! And I also managed to fit in a session on the turbo in between cake making and bread baking.

Jane's birthday saw us stay at the in-laws cara-van (as James would say) in the White Peak. We went on Tuesday afternoon, which meant Jane has managed to wangle 2 'birthday meals'. So steak and potatoe wedges were followed by a splendid cheese course (provided by in laws) and sparkling wine.

On Jane's actual birthday we went for a lovely trail run around Youlgrave.

12.9 miles in 3.5 hrs, as measured by Jane's new Garmin 305! Jane tried so hard she was sick-ok, so maybe it was the extremely rich post run food. I had hoped that this would mean I would get out of 'birthday dinner #2', but no, she felt much better by the time we got home.

'BD #2' Pan Fried Scallops with Pancetta and Asparagus served on a bed of Green Lentils-well La de dar! Amazingly nothing was burnt and it tasted lovely. It was a typical Jamie Oliver recipe, really simple and easy to follow but looks and tastes much more sophisticated. He's still a twat though!

All in all an ace time was had.

Anyway, I'm at work now.....counting down the hours.

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