22 August 2008

new lowest weight

I'm down to 8.9 stone with 26.9% body fat. That's the lowest it's been for over 6 months and amazing considering the amount of cake and cheese that has been consumed in the past few days.

I borrowed Jane's Garmin this morning. Good and Bad News...was only 7 seconds off my PB at 00:21:20 but the actual distance is shorter than I thought, 2.89 miles rather than the 3 that I had measured. Oh well.

Had a slow jog back from work and then a quick blast on the turbo when I got home. Didn't really feel like it but as always felt so much better after. Think my energy levels are just low from not having slept later than 7.30am for the past 16 days.

We had a lovely* meal at the in-laws, Jane's 'birthday dinner #3'. Yet more cheese was consumed!

*apart from the damsons! Most Bitter Fruit Ever!

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