23 August 2008

feelin' like I've won today....

Due to going into work yesterday on my day off meant that I only had to work 9.30am till 3pm today. So, had a bit of a lie-in, Olympic breakfast in bed (sadly for the last time-I have really enjoyed waking up with Adrian Childs, weird.), then drove to work. Work was work as usual. Drove home, put cycling kit on and was out the door by 3.30pm for a very pleasant road ride.

Nothing particularly significant happened, apart from breaking my top speed record. This now stands at 48.2 mph; of course this was going down hill (Lime Lane). Roads were very quiet which made the 30 mile round trip all the more enjoyable. I think I'm getting better at riding the road bike but there is still room for much more improvement. Particularly in my ability/lack off to ride at a smooth tempo over undulating terrain.

Had the best mezze dinner when I got home, Prawns with chilli and French stick, home made guacamole, a boiled egg and some oat cakes and more cheese! Then it was off to the Gladstone to meet up with the others for a birthday drink-yes, she really is milking it!

The Vegans had the most amazing 3-d scan photo. Everything ok so far. I just can't imagine how scary/amazing the whole pregnancy thing must be. Particularly after the sad news from the Clarkes....

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