27 August 2008

a waste of a day?......

Woke up with good intentions of going for a longish (7-10mile) road run today but that never materialised. The 'virgin man' came yesterday and installed cheaper phone/broadband and some magic telly. So, needless to say I got sucked into tin'ternet and the world of Flickr and other peoples tales of adventure.

On the plus side our broadband is much faster, phone much cheaper and I'll now be able to watch the Tour next year! However, I really should have gone for a run. Now I feel like I'm back to back to square one with training-I know it's only day but that's how I feel.

I need to be more honest with myself about why I don't complete runs/training. This is what this diary is meant to help with. Is there a pattern with my moods, does working 14hr days just make me tired, is ok to do nothing sometimes?

....and now I can't sleep

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