30 October 2008

always a head wind

Just got back from a lovely little road ride. 20 miles of quiet lanes and only slight drizzle for half of it. I stopped to take some photos of some tan coloured cows for a flickr group and managed to stand still long enough to not be able to feel my toes.

On the way home a I over took a guy riding a mtb up a slight hill, I smiled and said hi as I passed. I could hear his gears crunching behind me as we got on to the flat. So I did the thing of trying to not look like I'm trying whilst trying to ride as fast as possible. I manage to hold him off for about 4 minuets, he then passed me with an even bigger smile and a louder hello. He turned off left down quiet a steep road, the opposite way to home but what the hey, the race was on! Into the drops and peddling like billy-o, I then cruised past. We both burst out laughing, great fun.

Was so cold by the time I got back I managed to delete my photos due to shivering too much. Looks like I'll have to go out tomorrow.


trio said...

It does seem to have got really cold! I had lots of layers on today!

The Sunday Adventure Club said...

Hi Kate, thanks for your comment.
Yes, Tooting is on the same date each year so there's no excuse just don't blame me!
Really enjoying reading your blog, it's making me hungry!

kate said...

thanks richie. i've done similar races on a bike before but the idea of running around a track has never appealed. however, your report has certainly planted a seed of an idea-maybe i shouldn't thank you!