30 October 2008

lost fear

Finally had a good session at the climbing wall last night. It's been weeks now that I've just felt like a bumbling, clumsy fool, oh and I've also been suffering from the fear.

Loads of new routes and problems have been put up, so I was able to start right back at the beginning on what can only really be described as scrambling. Got my confidence back and ended up having a really satisfying bouldering session. My arms still get really pumped too soon, and I can really notice that I don't have such a physical job anymore.

And on an even more exciting note, Gareth asked if I'd be interested in doing the Cullen Ridge next May/June. YES! For some reason he thinks that technically I'll be fine and I have the fitness, I just need to "work on my head". Got home and looked up the route in Scotland's Mountain Ridges and to quote "it's often reckoned that to take everything in their stride with sufficient comfort, each member of the party should be able to lead Severe"

mmm.....better get (serious) training!

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